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Public Talks:

  • Cynthia Liutkus-Pierce at Case Western University
  • Cat Beck at Case Western University and LSU
  • Isaiah Nengo 
    1. National Geographic. Hubbard Council Retreat Round Table. Washington DC-December
    2. National Geographic Live. Before the Dawn of Humanity. Lone Tree Colorado-November
    3. Case Western Reserve University. Quest for lost empire of the apes. Virtual -November
    4. Case Western Reserve University. Kenya’s Rich Evidence for Human Origins:
    5. Past, Present and Future. Virtual-November
    6. American University. Why I Study Apes. Nairobi-September
    7. Princeton University. Why I Study Apes. Virtual-July
    8. Brookhaven National Laboratories. Alesi baby ape cranium: A recent case study of the transformative potential power of synchrotron imaging in paleoanthropology. Virtual-May
    9. Cambridge University. Planet of the Apes: Dispatches from the Miocene Empire in Africa. Virtual-March
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