Project Details

For more information on the project watch a longer introduction to TMP from Paleontologist and Napudet Lead Investigator Isaiah Nengo:

The goal of the Turkana Miocene Project (TMP) is to apply a high-resolution, basin-focused approach to constrain the complex relationships between tectonics, volcanism, erosion, climate, and the long-term transformation of ecosystems and mammalian fauna in the Turkana Basin over the entire Miocene Epoch.  

Our research objectives are to collect new geological, paleoenvironmental, and paleontological data, targeting time intervals and sites with limited geological or fossil data, and integrate them with published data and tectonic, landscape, and climate models to resolve the relationship between rifting and climate change in the Turkana Basin, as well as evaluating their respective roles in driving biotic change across the Miocene.  To address these objectives, we created interdisciplinary research teams focused on hypotheses pertaining to Miocene Earth, Life, and Climate.

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